If you are looking for a love nest to celebrate your love story on Valentine Day, look no further.
The city of Fez offers inspiring atmosphere for romantic escape.

With its bazaars, souks and millennial universities, Fez overflows with authenticity.
Celebrating love in fez is a magical experience and a loving memory to keep for years

So, get lost in the beauty of Morocco and feel the mystery and love

Romantic stroll in the medina

Fez overflows with art and culture and has been inspiring travelers and artists for centuries.
Cosmopolitan city, the greatest doctors, astronomers, philosophers, poets of the Mediterranean basin, laid their bundles in Fez, throughout the Middle Ages.

Narrow alley in the Fez medina and madrasa Attarine

Today as before, the city wakes up as the sun rises with the soft call to prayer from the minarets rumbling down the old alleys. Then, the Medina begins to slowly awaken, traditional ovens light the fire to bake the daily fresh bread, fruit and vegetable stalls are prepared and filled for the market of the day, the souk begins to come to life and the first Berber rugs are already visible in stalls, motorcycles, and donkeys mingle with children who walk to school.
The bazaars have not changed much. People shout and bargain here and there. Caravanserai are still standing, as are the tanneries. In the small ateliers, ancestral craftmanship has remained unchanged.

Chouara tannery and bazar in the Fez Medina

The oldest medina of the Arab world is nursed by the same eternal rhythm of life.

Discover the surroundings hand in hand

Indulge in beautiful romantic walks on the first flanks of the Middle Atlas Mountains, meet the monkeys frolicking in the centuries old cedar forest.
At the core of an authentic Berber village, give full meaning to this romantic escape, by plundging together your hands in the dough and shaping bread. Stroll through the colourful berber souks, get intoxicated on the scents of spices, stroll through Jnan Sbil garden…

Bread making in a remote Berber village, Jnan Sbil pound in the Fez medina

And why not? Spend a day exploring the best international award-winning Moroccan wines.

Romantic escape in a traditional riad

For an everlasting intimate experience, staying in a traditional moroccan riad is a must. In the majestic rooms of these ancient palaces, adorned with colorful mosaics, marble and carved plaster, you will experience a romantic elopement, out of time.
Whatever their inspiration, Moorish, modern or eclectic, the architects and owners unleashed tremendous creativity, in order to give a new life to these luxurious mansions of another time. Adorned with unique pieces and antiques, the decor plunges the visitor into the depths of Moroccan culture.

However, it is the central patios that most charm the visitors. The larger the patio, the more powerful the owner used to be. At Riad Mayfez, we welcome you in over 1200m2 of patio and garden. One of the ten largest property in the medina.

Partial view of the central patio at Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa

The highlight of this romantic stay is to sit down, at the end of the day, facing the starry sky, and enjoying a refined meal, or a tasteful mint tea, prepared by the masters of the place!
In front of the changing colors of the sky, the candles and Moroccan lanterns reflecting in the central basin. The visitor falls under the charm of a the most romantic setting.

There is no romantic escape without spa for two

You cannot leave Morocco without experiencing the sensual moment of a Moroccan hammam.
After a day of strolling through the souks, and shopping in the narrow alleys of the medina, relaxing in a hammam is an absolute bliss.

Hammam at Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa

In a light subdued and bewitching atmosphere, indulge a hammam treatment. Dive in the secrets of Moroccan beauty and wellness rituals. Let your body and mind be carried away by the scents of orange blossoms, jasmine and eucalyptus.
Moroccan hammam is a privileged moment, to relax and release tensions in expert hands.

Ultimately, with plenty of activities for two, to share and discover, while on a romantic getaway, Fez, invites visitors to reconnect to the simple and authentic pleasures of life, off the beaten track. And this, only two to three hours away from the largest European capitals.