Spa Treatments

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Open daily from 9:30 am to  8:30 pm

Le Spa Mayfez, offers a complete range of wellness and beauty treatments, inherited from the secrets of oriental beauty.

Pure argan oil, rose, orange blossom and black soap are specially distilled and prepared by our herbalist.

The benefits of our traditional organic products are enhanced by the luxury cosmetic brands Carita, for our face care treatments and Clarins for our remodeling treatment.
Relaxing, energizing, detoxifying, treatments at the Spa Mayfez meet all your expectations and adapt to your desires. Let go into the expert hands of our therapist, who practices the art of massage with kindness and talent.

Soins Spa

A complete range of treatments

Pure argan oil massage, essential oils, hot stones, foot reflexology, ayurvedic, milk bath, body wrap, our treatments at the Spa Mayfez, provide serenity and inner harmony.

An absolute sensual experience.

Spa offers

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