Special offers

Attentive and dedicated, we have composed tailor-made offers, to meet your expectations or new needs, and which will make every stay a moment of memorable emotion sharing.

Flexibility and made to measure, are at the heart of our DNA. Should you have new or special expectations, we are at your disposal and have imagined, especially for your needs, personalized offers.
Settle down at Mayfez, for a long-term staycation; privatize Mayfez for yourself or for friends and family; short stay with family and children; or celebrate a special occasion; we have defined responses tailored to each one’s wishes.

We have endless imagination. If you don’t find an answer to your project, do not hesitate to contact us, we are bubbling with ideas.

Piscine du Riad Mayfez


Offer valid during low season from November 6th to December 15th, January 8th to February 15th and from July 1st to August 30th.)

Contact us for details.


Travelling means discovering and relaxing, we already knew. But at Riad Mayfez, travelling now also means working.

As our landmarks fade before our eyes, we need reinventing ourselves. A new home for a new start. This is what we offer.

Only three hours away from Europe, Fez offers a separate universe, a universe, in itself, a change of scenery, that allows you to change air, immerse yourself in another reality, simply get out of your routine, while staying in touch with your company and teams, without changing time zones.
At Riad Mayfez, we ink the medieval medina in modernity, thanks to our new high-speed fiber optic installation.

The largest pedestrian city in the world, at the foot of the Middle Atlas, is more than ever a cocoon and an alternative to the harassment of the urban jungle.
Your office is set up between the dazzling sky and a maze of alleys, that tell you the story of humanity.
Working away from home means getting out of the routine and reinventing yourself.
Travel, already used to shape youth, it now also fosters spirit.

Contact us for our detailed offer and customize it according to your expectations.


Privatize Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa and make Mayfez your home away from home, for a weekend, or a longer stay. For special event or simple for pleasure.

Beyond the city walls and imagination, at Mayfez, every occasion becomes a celebration. We imagine, compose and orchestrate your stays, according to your every desire and your dearest dreams.
During a unique experience, Riad Mayfez is yours: Five suites for ten people, up to sixteen people with the rental of the Art Deco Villa and/ or the use of convertible sofas in the suites.

We offer you a pure Mayfez stay, «all inclusive». Drop your luggage and let us guide you, our team takes care of everything.

Contact us for our detailed offer and customize it according to your expectations.


Enjoy an unforgettable family moment in Fez.
For a Sporty or resolutely playful moment with your family and children, we invite you to an enchanted parenthesis, two, three days or more, up to you to decide.

Unwind with this family journey through time, in the heart of the old medina and discover the surroundings, away from the beaten tracks and the crowd. Meet the monkeys in the cedar forest and perhaps, even the snow, in winter time.

Or, why not indulge in the making of cheese, or in the distillation of aromatic herbs, at our friends, at a the nearby farm, in Ifrane?
Back at Riad Mayfez, in conservatory of the Art Deco Villa, in this spirit of sharing and conviviality specific to the House, Dominique has opened to all children the playroom initially intended for her own children. Parental supervision is mandatory.

The little ones will find books, cars, one tent, a castle, but also, pencils and paint.
While children are enjoying themselves, parents can indulge, with a glass of mint tea on the playroom terrace and at the same time keep an eye on their little ones.

Contact us for our detailed offer and customize it according to your expectations.


At Riad Mayfez, we work with passion to make every stay an adventure under the sign of discovery and emotion.

Drop your luggage, we take care of everything. We put our knowledge of the region and our passion at the service of travel and offer you a discovery of Fez and its surroundings, off the beaten track and away of paper travel guides and magazines.

All you have to do is follow our partners, who entirely dedicated to you.
Holidays are never the same. Laughter, surprises and shared moments…

We take you to the encounter of passionate people, who have decided to come and settle down in our region, out of love for our landscapes: local people dedicated to organic farming, Moroccans returning back to their homeland, after years in Europe, Moroccans born in Europe, settling in the Middle Atlas, in search of a new quality of life, French people from Bordeaux, who have come years ago to share their passion for vineyards and who have created one of the most famous award-winning wine of Morocco… All live, in perfect symbiosis, with their environment and share authentic moments with the villagers around them.

This two or three-day-stay is a moment of authentic sharing, and unforgettable souvenir.

Contact us for our detailed offer and customize it according to your expectations.


Celebrate Joy, Sharing and Love.
Riad Mayfez stages your enchanted celebrations.

Wedding anniversary, birthday, or simply romantic weekend, offer the chosen one of your heart, a dream stay, in a setting of the One Thousand and One Nights, to celebrate a romantic moment for two.
An interlude that combines well-being and gastronomy. Forget about everyday life and find yourself spending quality time, out of time.

Contact us for our detailed offer and customize it according to your expectations.