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A visit to our traditional hammam is an unforgettable moment, a holistic experience, that has passed through centuries of Eastern culture.

Our signature Hammam treatments combine the expert gestures of our therapist, with the best traditional, local and natural ingredients.



Ever since ancient times, heat has been used to ease tension. The hammam is central to Moroccan culture, it forms part of a purifying and soothing beauty ritual.

An interplay of light and shadow guides you down the stairs to the patio. Behind a large glass window, opened onto the jacuzzi, our hammam offers intimate and cosy atmosphere, though still receiving natural light from the patio. Exquisite mosaic tiles, marble benches and sink, hide behind the steam.

The Moroccan hammam is not a Turkish bath and is neither a steam bath, where steam is released under pressure at very high temperature. In the traditional Moroccan hammam the temperature is more moderate, around 45°C. The steam is the result of the natural evaporation of water on the mosaic tiles and heated marble of the hammam. In ancient times, Moroccan hammams were located next to bakers and benefited from the furnace of the bakers’ ovens.


To start this ceremonial, the application on the body of «black soap», a clever mixture of olive paste and beneficial plant essential oils.

Black soap prepares the skin for exfoliation, while releasing delicate notes of eucalyptus. With the help of a kessa glove, a deep cleansing of the skin is carried out, thus ridding the epidermis of its impurities, in order to promote cell renewal and stimulate blood circulation.

After exfoliation , a ghassoul body wrap, a naturally purifying and stimulating powder, is applied all over the body and provides an intense feeling of lightness. Your skin is rehydrated in depth and smooth.

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